Application User manual

Rev. 11.1


1. Introduction

DBATE (DBMFI Algorithmic Trading Engine) is an advanced application capable of developing, back-testing, and executing different algorithmic trading strategies. The application runs on using MathWorks MATLAB runtime and is connected to user’s IBKR TWS terminal thru API interface.


2. General Description

DBATE is a GUI based application with capabilities of entering variable trade Entry and Exit rules as input parameters and executing them automatically and autonomously.


  • 2.1 DBATE V11.1 has the capability to work in 2 modes:


  • Trade execution mode (live active trading thru IBKR brokerage account / TWS )
  • Strategy back-tester (capability to run a proposed strategy on past data and verify its performance vs the stock itself (buy-and-hold)



  • DBATE always starts in Backtester mode
  • DBATE live always starts in standby mode
  • Live trader does not have graphs, to see the graphical representation of executed trades, please refer to either TWS screen or switch DBATE to Backtester mode.


3. Functional Capabilities and GUI interface

  • 3.1 DBATE Trade execution mode is capable to run (automatically execute) multiple strategies simultaneously (unlimited number of symbols). One strategy per symbol only.

Some strategies can be intra-day short, and some could be long term swing trades.

  • 3.2 DBATE has a basic graphical representation of trades as well as trade results (P&L % returns and more) in the “Strategy back-tester” mode which can be compared between different strategies
  • 3.3 All trading strategies are saved in a separate excel file, each strategy in a separate tab. DBATE in all modes loads file and places the active strategies according to the data in the Strategies Worksheet (excel file).
  • 3.4 Please refer to Worksheet user manual and Syntax for more details on how to use it.

4. Starting DBATE

4.1 Before launching DBATE, please start TWS


4.2 Login to your IBRK account

Ensure API is enabled in TWS (the process is explained in DBATE install manual)



  • DBATE works in both Live Trading account as well as in Paper Trading account
  • Please refer to DBATE Install Guide for enabling API connection in your TWS


4.3 DBATE will automatically Start in Backtester Mode and will ask to load your Project Worksheet file with developed algorithms and strategies. Please select the suitable Project worksheet input file and press “Open”.


4.4 DBATE will load your Project Worksheet file with and will display all active trading strategies found in your worksheet file in Backtester mode.

NOTE: Please wait until all algorithms are fully loaded, this might take few minutes  


5. DBATE Backtester GUI

5.1 Control icons

  • Load a Settings file – will load and/or reload your worksheet.
  • Save Figure – will let you save the trading graph on screen
  • Print Figure – will let you print the trading graph on screen
  • Hide/Show Legend – will hide or show the legend on the graph
  • Display Trading Summary – will open additional window with your portfolio trading results
  • Select Live Trading or Backtester mode – this button switches between live trading and back testing modes of DBATE.


5.2 Loading strategies


To load or reload the trading strategies worksheet:

Press “Load a Setting file” -> Select your file from the folder -> Press “Open”


5.3 Portfolio Summary

Press “Display Trading Summary” To open your portfolio summary window


5.4 Live Trading Mode

After pressing on “Select Live Trading or Backtester mode”, additional pop-up window will appear

Press OK to switch to Live trading mode

To return to Backtester mode, press “Select Live Trading or Backtester mode” again


6. Strategies and Account selection

6.1 Account selection

Users with multiple IBRK accounts will be able to select from the account dropdown box (marked) the specific account they like the trades from DBATE to occur

6.2 Strategies review

To investigate and to work on a specific strategy please select the suitable tab


7. Strategy control windows

The upper section of Backtester GUI, you will find number of windows which are functioning as the control panel for a selected strategy.

  • Strategy parameters window will display all trading parameters entered in the worksheet file for the specific strategy (in the current tab).
  • Buy and sell Conditions window will display all buy and sell rules file for the specific strategy (in the current tab). Additionally, those control windows provide the user the option to test the performance of each group of rules (a set) separately.


By clicking and unclicking the blue checkboxes located near each set, user can select which sets of rules from the current strategy are to participate in the current backtest run


  • Backtest results window display the results of the trading of the current strategy

NOTE: if you have any further questions or requests about any of the details or fields displayed in backtest results section, or in any other window above, please contact AlgoEdge Labs support team by email and we will be happy to clarify or assist further.


8. Main trading graph window

In the main window, is used for graphically developing trading algorithms.


  Legend for the main trading window:


  • The subject of the graph represents security symbol and the exchange traded, followed by the currency (in the top left corner) and graph dates.
  • Vertical lines represent trades as per the set numbers and colors explained in the legend box



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