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AlgoEdge Labs DBATE

is a computer application providing professional environment for developing, testing, and live running
successful, reliable, and consistent Trading Algorithms.


Full connectivity to your brokerage account, application running on your computer;

Create trading strategies in few minutes using an intuitive graphical user interface;

User friendly, no skills in programming or software development needed;

Automatically executes unlimited number of trading algorithms simultaneously.

Is AlgoEdge Labs DBATE platform good for me?

Home Investors

DBATE is suitable for all types of investors. If you are familiar with technical analysis and interested in automating your trading for more robust results and more free time – DBATE is for you. This unique and powerful application provides you the ability to see green results every day, on any day.

Professional Traders

If you are a professional day trader or a swing trader or an institution and you would like to add an edge to perform better in the markets, or you need to diversify without hiring traders – you are in the right place. DBATE provides the capabilities to execute hundreds of strategies in-parallel with speed and accuracy.

Step 1

Register with AlgoEdge Labs

It takes only few minutes

Step 2

Download the Software

Install the app on your computer

Step 3

Connect and Trade

Allow API on your TWS and start winning!

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