Install manual

STEP 1 – DBATE and MATLAB Runtime Installation


  1. Follow this Guide after you have successfully downloaded the installer from our website.

NOTE: In case you are facing issues in downloading the installer, please ensure your local antivirus or your company firewall policies are not blocking installation. If you still face any issued with your company firewall or ani-virus policies, please contact your company IT department.   


  1. Double click on DBATE_installer

NOTE: in case you have any antivirus restrictions, allow your antivirus to run this program.


  1. Installer window will appear.


  1. If your Internet connection requires a proxy server, enter the server’s name and port information,

Press on “Connection Setting” and fill in the required information.


  1. If your internet connection in regular, press “Next”


  1. Choose installation folder on your computer, click the checkbox “add shortcut to the desktop” if you wish to have DBATE shortcut, and press “Next”.


  1. DBATE uses MATLAB Runtime engine, please proceed with installing MATLAB Runtime as suggested. The runtime is offered free by MathWorks Corporation. Select the path for installation and press “Next”.


  1. Read the Term and Conditions of MATLAB Runtime license agreement. And select “Yes” if you accept it.

Press “Next”.


  1. Both programs will be installed on your computer in the folders selected. Please verify that you have enough disk space as described in the message, and press “Install”


  1. Wait for few minutes until installation is completed.

NOTE: all files are downloaded from servers, please ensure your computer stays connected to the internet during the entire process of installation.


  1. Congratulations, your DBATE installation is completed successfully. Press “Finish” 



STEP 2 – Connection of your Broker account in TWS to work with DBATE.


  1. Run TWS Workstation


  1. Login to your IBKR account and wit till TWS has fully started.


  1. Press on Gear icon and go to Trader Workstation configuration


  1. Press on API -> Settings    


  1. Check the marked checkbox to Enable ActiveX and Socket Clients


  1. Check Allow Connections from localhost only Checkbox and type the following trusted IP and socket:


As demonstrated below, and click “Apply”

The full page will look as follows:


STEP 3 – Launching DBATE


  1. Before Launching DBATE, please ensure you remember the folder you placed your Project worksheet file with Algorithmic trading strategies. You will be prompted by DBATE to load this Worksheet file for working.

NOTE: Along with your subscription purchase, AlgoEdge Labs team will provide you with an initial Worksheet having few basic strategies so you can immediately start your work with DBATE 


  1. Locate the DBATE icon on your desktop and launch the program.


  1. Enter your License key / serial code provided to your on AlgoEdge Labs website, when prompted

NOTE 1: in case your license is expired, you will have to renew it. In case you lost of forgot your license key, you can always get if from your account page on AlgoEdge Labs website.

NOTE 2:  Your TWS must be running and logged in before you start DBATE.

NOTE 3: in case your TWS workstation is not connected or not logged in, you will see a following error message from DBATE




  1. DBATE will automatically Start in Backtester Mode and will ask to load your Algorithmic Project Worksheet.

Please select the suitable Project worksheet input file and press “Open”



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