What are algorithmic trading systems?

Algorithmic trading systems are computer programs and tools which enter and exit trades automatically, according to set parameters. These sophisticated systems are based on technical chart analysis of the user translated into set of rules. When market conditions match all predetermined criteria, trading algorithms execute buy or sell orders on behalf of the investor.

With AlgoEdge Labs, algorithmic and automated trading is made possible for every investor from his home. We offer advanced trading systems and high-end sophisticated computer software tools to our clients. AlgoEdge Labs mission is to make professional tools available to every investor. We offer unique advanced applications that convert technical analysis into robotic tools and make algorithmic trading easy and instant.

Why AlgoEdge

Solves problems

Solves all major difficulties and flaws in traditional avenues of investing (buy and hold, swing trading , day trading) and starts a new era of robotic trading.

Easy and intuitive

Any trader who is using technical analysis tools can start using the platform immediately. Define your automation familiar with standard technical indicators, graphical interface and backtesting.

Full control

Our platform is 100% flexible and reliable. It provides you the tools you need to develop, test, and execute your trading ideas. It runs on your computer and uses your existing brokerage account.