Professional – Monthly

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$75.00 / month


Educational Package Technical documentation with explanations and examples, syntax, 3 sample algorithms.
Asset Classes & Exchanges All available exchanges as per your Broker account authorizations, Stocks , ETFs, Commodities .
Back Tester Backtester of your strategies, as per data resolution of your subscription
Live Trader Live trading from your broker account using  developed and tested strategies as per data resolution of your subscription
Professional Data Resolution Candle size resolution – 5 min
(using your broker live streaming subscription)
Max Number of Strategies 12

11 reviews for Professional – Monthly

  1. hmjahir50

    4672$ profit in last 2 weeks !!!

  2. kajolpia332

    AlgoEdge Labs platform is great . I was sitting in front of my computer hours and staring on the screen… Now i just play my algorithms and this works automatically in my IBKR account

  3. lasrbc675

    I am using 30 min candles for all my trading algos , works nice !

  4. eb707826

    DBATE is really nice platform . a bit complex in the beginning , but once i used to it , it is working well.

  5. mlou07376

    I discovered that I enjoy developing algorithms more than day-trading

  6. amyjoda122

    Trading algorithms could work sometimes on different stocks, just ensure you are writing the correct Volume that matches the other stock and you can try reusing them

  7. jusonia269

    Great tool to diversify the portfolio.!! I let it run in parallel to my day trading, it is like having 3 more traders sitting next to and and work for you.! Nice tool .

  8. leneagenf34f

    I am using SMA , Volume and Slope and Change % for defining my trading strategies. Works well

  9. ljamd147

    Using mainly VWAP 20 , CLOSE and SMA 100 ., sometimes RSI. DBATE is actually a nice tool !!

  10. elifeladfgg423

    I started using AlgoEdge Labs DBATE platform last month, it is really great and intuitive. and the most important I make money !!

  11. vka84321

    DBATE is really helpful platform for my stock trading

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