Automate your trading on Interactive Brokers

Is Automatic trading possible on Interactive Brokers?

The good news is that Yes, automation of your trading is possible in your Interactive Brokers account, and it is even extremely easy to do. IBKR API is a simple way to connect your Automated trading strategies to run on Interactive Brokers trading account.

How to connect to Interactive Brokers API?

Run TWS Workstation is running. Login to your IBKR account and wait till TWS has fully started. Press on Gear icon and go to Trader Workstation configuration.

In order to enable API connection to your Interactive Brokers account, you need to mark enable ActiveX and Socket Clients as shown below.

Further, check Allow Connections from localhost only Checkbox and type the following trusted IP and socket. Here you need to add the IP address of the IBRK Trading automation platform. Here, in AlgoEdge labs we use DBATE Algorithmic Trading platform to connect to Interactive Brokers API on all our trading accounts.


Why AlgoEdge Labs DBATE is best Interactive Brokers API platform?

There are number of reasons why DBATE is the best available platform for Trading automation on IBKR API.

Create Trading

  • With DBATE you can create trading algorithms for IBRK API in few minutes using an intuitive universal graphical user interface (GUI)
  • DBATE has the full connectivity to your Interactive Brokers account and does all the programmed treading operations for you Live.
  • You need No previous skill in programming or software development when using DBATE on your Interactive Brokers API.
  • DBATE Automatically executes unlimited number of trading algorithms simultaneously on IBRK, in parallel to manual trading.
  • It has a Graphical representation of all variables participating in each of the user-developed algorithm and rules.


How does it work on Interactive Brokers?

AlgoEdge Labs DBATE is running on your computer and is connected thru API to your Interactive Brokers account which enables you to see and control your money real time. (though it is advisable to allow the algorithms to work its way out and not to interrupt it)


AlgoEdge Labs DBATE is one of the very few Algorithmic trading platforms on Interactive Brokers API that has 99% correlation between backtesting and live trading.


DBATE delivers Automated trading capabilities with graphical interface thru Interactive Brokers API. Green every Day. Any day.

Good luck in automation of your trading!


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