Ultra PRO – Monthly

(9 customer reviews)

$129.00 / month


Educational Package Technical documentation with explanations and examples, syntax, 3 sample algorithms.
Asset Classes & Exchanges All available exchanges as per your Broker account authorizations, Stocks , ETFs, Commodities .
Back Tester Backtester of your strategies, as per data resolution of your subscription
Live Trader Live trading from your broker account using  developed and tested strategies as per data resolution of your subscription
Short Selling Capability of Short Selling
Ultra PRO Data Resolution Candle size resolution – 1 min
(using your broker live streaming subscription)
Max Number of Strategies 24
Unlimited Support Online assistance in developing very complex strategies and algorithms

9 reviews for Ultra PRO – Monthly

  1. ludadaf42233

    Nice platform. i took me some time to learn the syntax and to understand how to write algorithms, but I got a lot of help from AlgoEdge team . it works well !!

  2. piakacupra443

    this is a great tool for automatic day trading, just remember to trade many stocks and ensure that are not correlated to each other.. This thing works for you automatically , you don’t need to stay and watch the screen whole day.. nice !

  3. rrobeatsroy

    now I make on average 1.85% per day using AlgoEdge platform. it is trading over last 45 days and is pretty much consistent..

  4. ne628479

    I am swing trading for 2 years , was spending at least 3 hours a day in front of charts … with this software I spend 3 hours on a weekend and those algorithms run and make better money than doing in swing trading

  5. janeannahdg443

    Thanks to AlgoEdge team for your support . Very helpful.

  6. jmgd2j

    Algorithmic trading is so easy !! it is much better than my old manual day trading

  7. jk5tdm4

    Since I started using AlgoEdge Labs , I am now consistently profitable trader !! thank you

  8. fatmaselin332

    I really like AlgoEdge , so many option for different trading strategies.

  9. alexguptavardaguota

    Compared to other Algorithmic trading platforms , AlgoEdge is the MOST advanced and professional one !!

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